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And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me..

New to the community

The name's Heather. I'm 15. Been skating since summer.
I've been looking up a lot of active communities on skating, but they all stop writing after a while or something - hopefully this community isn't the same..
I have a flip geoff rowley deck, fury trucks [I know they suck.. shut your face] & flip 53mm wheels.

I hate Mystery decks, and Casual's. I have had the worst luck ever with those decks.
Which kinda sucks 'cause I love the way Mysteries look =T

I'm pretty nice, so if you wanna chat or something comment or whatever.
And I also don't mind adding people to the "friends list" as long as you comment once in a while so I know you read it.
If you wanna see what I look like, look in my user info. The pics crappy & in black and white, but whatever.

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