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Some beginner concerns.

Hello hello hello. If anyone is still checking up here, I just got back from a late night skate rendezvous with a pal of mine and I have some concerns. My problem is my first board (the one I use now) is pretty much a cheap piece of shit and everything came standard from a local shop. The trucks are tight and squeaky, if I take my hand and spin my wheels they probably last for like a mili-second, and on top of that the board is ugly and blank. I have horrible curb fright and I stopped bombing hills because I fly off of the board over one teeny tiny rock, is that a wheel problem/terrain? Or is that just me? Anyways, since its my birthday and I have some cash I want to update...but I don't really know what to look for I want one complete board for cruising around and I'm going to buy some accesories for my blank to make it a board for doing tricks and stuff.

Any suggestions of brands you like for wheels and berings and all that shit? Does wheel size/looseness/truck flexibility matter? What things are more appropriate for cruising? Doing tricks?

ps. Sorry if there were spelling errors, I don't really know how to spell skateboard parts.
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you will want around 57 to 51mm wheels for cruzing the streets, any biger than 57 and you going on to more vert wheels. good wheel brands are coretex, spitfire and darkstar. they tend not to flat spot....but these wheels dont come cheap! i forked out aroud $70(australian) for a pair of spitfire cores...
trucks: grind kings all the way or some destructos.....ive heard that the new thomas trucks are good for the wood. there are many boards shapes and sizes if your local shop has set ups try different boards to get the feel of them. cause you might like a skinnyer board or one that has steeper kicks or a lighter board it all depends on how you feel on the board.....if you dont feel right on the board the its not the one for for board types element, zero, kewday, popwar or try out the new plan b boards ive heard there awsome.....

hope i told you stuff you didnt know.....

and remember.....
live to skate
skate or die
and nothing is impossible.......
Everything you said was pretty much new to me and thanks alot.

So I guess local shops have set-ups that they let you "test drive"?
are you longboarding or skating because wheel size makes a huge difference. if you really want to bomb hills pick up a longboard, i prefer sector 9, with 70-76 wheels. you can go about 20 easily down a hill and you wont die if you hit a little rock. sand and gravel are bad, but little rocks wont kill you. and their great fun to ride, look at for their different types of boards and go to a skate shop and check out different types before buying one if you dont already have one.
hello fellow longboarders!