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Who wants to be worshiped? Got an addiction?
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a) The crack of a skateboard hitting the ground turns you on
b) You just wanna lay a damned skater
c) You skate and want to be idolized!

Rules For The Community:

1. Please do not promote your own community here. If you wish to promote your community, you can do it at community_promo

2. Do not beg for livejournal codes here. There are over twenty-five communities made exactly for that purpose, including _codesxchange_.

3. Have a problem with another lj user? This isn't the place to bitch and moan. You can do that at fuckyoulist

4. It's completely cool to post pictures of anything that you like in here, as long as they are related to the sexa-ness of skaters/skating.


There really shouldn't be a need for any more rules.

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